Medicare Supplement Plans when Divorce have qualifications

Medicare is very important as it relates to the health insurance coverage. This may be relying on your spouse and go much beyond the marriage. In case you are approaching the age and are divorced at the time you qualify for sponsored government Medicare, there are possibilities that you can obtain coverage from the former marriage.



Medicare Supplement Plans refers to health insurance plan and this is regulated and standardized by the federal government. This is available for people in the ages 65 or older and also for some people younger having illnesses. The hospital coverage, Medicare Part A is free, while the Medical insurance Part B will be obtainable based on the income as an extra premium to be paid monthly. The advantage plan is the Part C offering more options. It means it may entails a provider preferred organization having in the network more doctors or you can look for a fee-for service plan. In fact, Medicare Supplement plans also include at an additional cost a prescription drug plan.


Qualifications after Divorce

A person can be considered Medicare qualified at 65 only if he has qualified for Social Security and has the 10 years equivalent working. If you have not qualified it means you did not work and are divorced now, yet you can qualify based on the work record of your ex-spouse. In case your ex-spouse is Medicare qualified, while you are 65 or even older and have stayed married for 10 or more years, you are entitled to get from your former spouse the coverage. But, if you have married again after the divorce, you are not qualified any more based on ex-spouse work details for Medicare.


Divorces Cost-Based

The coverage options for Medicare Supplement Plans for divorced spouses indirectly promote spouses to break up. The Plan A covers basic services and not any rehabilitation for long-term or clinical trials or at-home nursing. The Medigap policies help filling the gap that remains uncovered by the Original Medicare and so the premium is charged depending on the income of a person. Choosing divorce is common among spouses resulting in the sick spouse having zero income that he may qualify only for Medigap cheaper premiums, even if he is based on the work history of his divorced spouse’s qualification.


Impact on Income

Premiums are charged depending on your income is clear, if you are acquiring any Medicare apart from the Plan A that is free. The calculation of income is done taking the basis of two years. In case you are divorced and now the income has dropped, you qualify for lower premium. To avail government an evidence of income, you can request new decision as per your life-changing events and give proof to qualify.