Does Medicare Pay Your Long-Term Care Costs?


Original Medicare that is part and part B generally covers some hospitals and medical costs. Medicare part D covers only some prescription drug plans. However, Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care cost except under certain conditions. Therefore, Medicare may cover long-term care cost that you may receive in;

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-The skilled nursing facility this include Medicare services such as meals, semi-private rooms, medications, and skilled nursing.

-Home health services such as spoken languages, pathology and physical therapy.

-Hospice care including prescription drugs, nursing care, hospice aid, and homemaker services.


Although Medicare covers long-term hospital care, you could face more charges if you receive long-term care for more than three months.


There are also two basics for paying long-term care cost. This includes custodial care which refers to personal attention which is given to people to help with daily living activities. These activities included dressing, bathing, and transferring themselves from sitting to standing or in and out of bed. Custodial care can be provided by persons with or without professional medical training. Another basic for paying long-term cost is skilled care which requires the provider to have professional Medicare training and licenses.


Medicare will help you with long-term care cost only if you meet the following categories:


  • You have a therapeutic This means that a place where care can be given a therapeutic lack requires that the outcome may be from a condition for which you were hospitalized. This must be very important and given by talented personnel in a place, for example, nursing home.


  • You have a 72 hours manage. Medicare can pay for LTC if the hospitalization is not more than 72 hours which means three evenings and three days.



A place where care can be given implies that you were taken from your hospitaliZation straightforwardly to a nursing home where you can get skilled care identified during your admission. That is on account of Medicare pays for therapeutically critical capable care in a nursing home setting.


If you are in a nursing home, Medicare will pay for your cost up to 100% of your expenses only for the first 20 days. After 20 days, you’ll be required to pay for a coinsurance amount form the 21st day up to the 100th day.


However, Medicare can pay for gifted personnel to go to your home if you have a medical condition that requires attention.